Established in 2003, Livestock Exchange (LE) is Australia's largest livestock traceability systems integrator. LE is the major supplier of NLIS software solutions to Australian saleyards, livestock agents, and the pastoral houses, Elders and Landmark. 


With the advent of legislation regarding cattle destined for the European Union (EU) market in the late 1990's, and in 2005 the more encompassing national legislation for traceability utilising radio frequency identification (RFID) technology for cattle, a National Livestock Identification Scheme (NLIS) was adopted nationally in Australia.

LE began as a registered Australian company in December 2003, having purchased the results of 23 years of software development and support services in the Australian livestock sector, from Equinox Software Pty Ltd.

LE is the leading individual animal management software solutions provider to the Australian Livestock Industry. It supplies both PC and PDA software to Local Government and private Saleyards, Livestock Agents and Contract Scanning operations right across Australia.

LE’s products have been developed with the practical applications of the livestock industry in mind, whilst utilising the latest technologies in their most robust forms.

Additionally, LE specialises in complete Livestock Traceability system installation and management. This includes installation and support of the software and computer systems, as well as installation, training and support for peripheral RFID scanning and data collection hardware. LE install and support devices ranging from basic wands with Bluetooth connectivity through to large automatic StocMarka and MultiRead scanning systems.

LE has also provided consultancy services internationally for many years, relating to the development and implementation of livestock traceability systems on both an individual and national basis.

Livestock Exchange Pty Ltd's experience in all facets of product development, supply, installation and support to end-users is unmatched in the Australian Livestock Industry. The company aims to provide these services to the global livestock industry to facilitate livestock traceability from the “paddock to the plate”.

In Q3 2016, Agriculture Victoria announced that they would begin a trial of Electronic Identification of Sheep and Goats, commencing in 2017. LE has embraced this decision and is focussed on delivering a software solution that assists industry stakeholders fulfil the new regulatory requirements.


  • 93% of all saleyards / selling centres across Australia use Livestock Exchange software to process their livestock sales.
  • More than 350 branches of the pastoral houses Elders Limited & Landmark AWB have customised versions of the Livestock Agent Software used as a sale processing hub allowing them to import and process data from saleyards, on farm livestock sales and clearing sales.


Livestock Exchange Pty Ltd's competitive advantage:

•Our software is utilised on an annual basis by more users than any other supplier in the Australian market.

•Our systems processes more than double the NLIS livestock transactions of all our competitors’ systems combined, on an annual basis.

•Our programs are market leaders in their respective sectors.

•Our sales and 24/7 support team have a broad knowledge of all facets of the livestock industry and are managed by technical and industry people to ensure our clients can rely on simple practical solutions supported by people who understand the needs of their business.

•Our senior staff have been involved in the Australian NLIS since its inception in the late 1990's.

•LE was the first company to develop and implement a direct XML interface to the NLIS database to facilitate faster and more accurate data processing of location-to-location livestock movements around the country.

•LE has developed strong ties with most hardware, software and facility suppliers to allow streamlined integration with their systems.